Carly & Szymon elegant, glamour wedding in Wroclaw

The story behind being hired for this wedding is really awesome. One day in an Airbnb apartment I’m renting in Wroclaw I got a booking from an american girl from California named Carly, who told me she’s coming to visit the country of origin of her parents. It turned out that she barely speaks Polish and she’s the first of all her cousins who decided to visit Poland. We had couple of great conversations and felt like we know each other for quite a long time.

You can imagine how surprised I was when about one year after I have received a message from Carly asking me if I’m free on a October day to take photos of her wedding in… Wroclaw :) It turned out she’s dating Szymon – a Polish guy living in California as well, and they decided to have two weddings – a small party in US and church wedding with a bigger party in Poland.

I was so delighted to work with Carly and Szymon, as they are such a wonderful, friendly and open-hearted people. Before the wedding we have spent amazing couple of hours during an engagement shot, with a really dramatic weather and grande finale – a rainbow that Carly wished to have on the way to the spot. What a story! :)

As for the wedding itself Carly and Szymon knew from the beginning that they want to look for a more alternative wedding venues and finally have chosen beautiful places – preparations were held in ‚The Bridge’ Hotel on Ostrów Tumski, wedding ceremony was at an old church in the old town and the reception in Jasna (Bright) Restaurant, which became a bit more ‚obscure’ than normally :)

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