London street photography

Thanks to Karolina & Łukasz and their great invitation for a wedding photo shoot I did a couple of hours photo-walk in the old part of London – the City and Notting Hill. Just couple of shots here, enjoy!

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london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_001 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_002 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_003 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_004 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_005 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_006 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_007 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_008 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_009 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_010 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_011 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_012 london-streetphoto-pspigielIMG_013

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