Malta & Gozo

Malta, one of the smallest countries in the world, has suffered a very rich and not always easy history. Throughout the time the islands were ruled by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French and British. You can see all these influences in local architecture, culture, traditions or language (English is still – apart from Maltese – an official language and people drive on the left side of the street here).

Malta has also two faces – depends on which island you explore. The main one – Malta – is very densely populated, with lot of small cities & towns close to each other, with a lot traffic as well, as public transport is crappy and bike lanes hardly exist. Most of the cars – mostly old diesel machines – stuck in a permanent traffic jams,  so you can imagine the air is not very fresh here…

So if you want to spend a more relaxing time you should get as soon as possible on a ferry to the second island – Gozo. It’s incredible how those two islands differ from each other! Gozo is a very chilled, quiet & rural place, with very friendly people, like Raymond, a 60-year old Maltese, who was born and raised on Gozo, but had to move to Malta, where he works in a ricotta (one of Maltese specialities) factory. However, in the free time he still runs his own vegetable garden in Gozo, being more than happy to organize a small guiding tour for strangers, who happen to talk to him for a while ;)

There’s an idea to connect two islands with a bridge, but I hope this will not happen soon and Gozo will remain its charm for a long time!

Apart of holidays I’ve made also a small photo shoot for Klara & Akos, an Italian-Hungarian couple, both musicians working for the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra…

…as well as couple of portraits for my friends – Agnieszka & Mateusz (I’ve been photographing their wedding 5 years ago!:) also musicians of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, just before their concert that ended Malta’s presidency in UE. Thanks guys for the invitation!



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