Monica & Victor wedding photoshoot on a tiny island of Tabarca, Spain

Monica and Victor had a really good plan for 2016 – they got married in July in Poland (have a look at their crazy and beautiful wedding), then we made a photoshoot in Spain, very close to a place, where they live (between Elche and Alicante), on a tiny, beautiful island of Tabarca, and after all that wedding time they went for a couple of months honeymoon trip around the world (currently being in Kuala Lumpur:). That sounds like a really good year!:)

Muchas gracias por el gran tiempo chicos! Enjoy the photos!

photoshoot001 photoshoot002 photoshoot003 photoshoot005 photoshoot007 photoshoot009 photoshoot010 photoshoot011 photoshoot013 photoshoot015 photoshoot016 photoshoot016_2 photoshoot017 photoshoot019 photoshoot020 photoshoot022 photoshoot024 photoshoot026 photoshoot027 photoshoot028 photoshoot029 photoshoot031 photoshoot033 photoshoot034 photoshoot036 photoshoot037 photoshoot038 photoshoot039m photoshoot040 photoshoot042 photoshoot043 photoshoot044 photoshoot045 photoshoot046 photoshoot047 photoshoot048 photoshoot049 photoshoot050 photoshoot051 photoshoot052 photoshoot053 photoshoot054 photoshoot056 photoshoot058 photoshoot060 photoshoot062 photoshoot063 photoshoot064 photoshoot066 photoshoot067 photoshoot068 photoshoot069 photoshoot071 photoshoot072 photoshoot073 photoshoot074 photoshoot076 photoshoot077 photoshoot078 photoshoot079 photoshoot080 photoshoot081

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